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Update on the “Ugo-Filippo Show”

by Susi, 23 August 2008

Finally, here are photos from the Ugo Untoro/Filippo Sciascia vernissage at Biasa Artspace (which I posted about a couple weeks ago). Your patience has been rewarded. Sorry, no photos of Ugo. He’s kind of shy.

The tense reciprocity of Ugo and Filippo’s collaborative works is visually arresting, and crackles with static electricity. Viewers were transfixed.

Filippo expresses himself eloquently . . . on canvas, in words, and in gestures, as well.

Susanna Perini, found of Biasa Artspace and Biasa fashion house, with members of the Biasa team. She has supported and cultivated the talents of innumerable young Indonesians over the years, and imbued the whole Biasa world with an ebullient esprit de corps.

That’s Yours Truly, and Bruno, on the left. Just had to put this one in.

The cross-cultural collaboration of Ugo and FIlippo inspired lively cross-cultural discourse.

Challenging works of art on the walls, beautiful creatures in the crowd.

Separated at birth? Marco of Quarzia and Filippo bask in an atmosphere of adulation.

Bruno Piazza, someone’s back, sculptor Phillippos and friend.

Filippo enjoyed the accolades of his compatriates, and of his colleagues, including renowned Balinese artist, Made Wianta (right).

Pow! Made Wianta, Ubud-based painter Van Wieringen, and Marco of Quarzia, the haute-batik boutique of Seminyak.


      • jonathan
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      • August 19, 2009

      phillippos-whatever happened about the red serpent head made of snail eggs.. did it lead to anything? I'm still in the states -your website doesn't show up..?? see you before monsoon

      • Susi
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      • March 6, 2012

      nice to bump into my old post again via a google search for something completely different. reminds me . . . this was a great moment at biasa . . . and they have some equally and even more great moments in store in 2012 . . . i only wish my husband Bruno Piazza would be with me for all future biasa exhibitions, as he was for this one and so many more . . . we had a great rapport folding our arms over our chests and looking very critically together at art on walls at biasa . . . and everywhere else . . . we shared the same "stand back and look" stance . . . demanding that art reach out and step across the boundary to us . . . we were not merely reading catalogs and magazines and speculating . . . if it didn't jump off the wall and get into our space, we just kept our arms folded . . . i'll missing having Bruno as my companion for judicious arm-folding and sideways glances . . . he always wanted the best, and had the most strict filter for art, for life, for everything . . . Quality Quality Quality . . . no compromises . . . we have to salute that.

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