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I’m Talking to a Jade Circle

by Susi, 5 July 2008

© Ben Janssens Oriental Art London

I’m giving a lecture to the “Jade Circle” of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum on the 15th of July in Ubud. Donors who make significant financial contributions to the museum are granted membership in the “Jade Circle” which comes with a wealth of special privileges and programs. One of them is their upcoming trip to Bali, accompanied by museum experts. I will be making a presentation to the group on Balinese textiles, entitled “Diversity and Insularity: The cultural threads of Balinese textile traditions.” If you would like an outline with images from the presentation, contact me.

The jade circle pictured above is a bi from China, made over 2000 years ago. The use, meaning and means of manufacture of bi remains elusive. I expect that the use, meaning and means of manufacture of SF Asian’s “Jade Circle” is not quite so obscure, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of them on the 15th.

Image © Ben Janssens Oriental Art, Jermyn Street, London (from sold stock).

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