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Interior Design, As It Should Be

by Susi, 7 July 2008

© Douglas Durkin Design, LLC

One of our favourite interior design firms is Douglas Durkin Design. Douglas and his partner in the firm, Greg Elich, are two of the smartest, most honest and most genuinely talented designers out there. Specialising in high end residential work, the firm has grown exponentially since it was founded, exclusively by word of mouth. Their work is impeccable, tasteful, client-focused (not ego-focused), and it’s all about Quality with a very large Q. No smoke and mirrors here, dear. Would never fly in Dubai. Or Vegas. So if it’s Swarovski tap handles and ruched pelmets you’re wanting, look elsewhere.

The typical DDD client is exceedingly intelligent, extraordinarily wealthy, highly influential and (above all) discreet. Their private lives are just that, private. Like their jets. Consequently, one rarely has an opportunity to see completed interiors by Durkin and his team, which is a bit of a shame, really. But that’s the way it goes. Despite their low profile, the firm’s business is booming, and clients often use them again and again for their various residences around the world, then pass their name on to close friends and relatives. This firm, you might say, is a discreet secret of the discreet ultra-elite. Shhh, don’t tell . . . 


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