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Nusantara Nobility In Images — Brought To You By Tuan Paul

by Susi, 23 October 2014

untitledPaul Kijlstra is a man with a passion. A passion for Indonesian nobility, its history, legacy, and all manner of material manifestations. He’s assembled an enormous collection of images illustrating all things noble, from one end of the archipelago to the other. You can browse the collection here in his Flickr album.

untitled_2This incredibly diverse selection of pictures from numerous institutions and online visual resources, provides a quick visual introduction to all things noble in Nusantara.

Feast your eyes on historic images and contemporary ones, illustrating the tremendous diversity of traditional regalia, residences, tombs, temples and rituals right across the archipelago, from the bronze age to the present day.

untitled_2In Indonesia, pomp, circumstance, rich histories and elaborate rituals are by no means exclusive to Bali. Kudos to Tuan Paul for putting together such an exhaustive album of grandeur, glory, history and charisma. He’s got a blog on the topic, too.

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    • Dear Susi, Thank you very much for your very kind article ! Paul

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