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Best Photog Blog in Bali : Rio Helmi

by Susi, 19 July 2008

Rio Helmi, photographer, blogger, Bali resident.

Rio Helmi is one of the most extraordinary characters in Bali. He’s best known as a photographer of culture, travel, buildings and food (sometimes), but there is much more to him than that (as if that wasn’t enough). I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to describe Rio here, and risk making the poor fellow blush when his RSS feed finds this post. I will instead refer you to his newly established blog, which is a feast of fine content.

His writings and photographs of the Ubud Royal Cremation ’08 are the best I have found yet anywhere. So go find out about Rio and his many enterprises and interests.


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      • November 19, 2008

      Gosh Susi, now I am blushing... R

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      • July 21, 2009

      Agree. I always look him up on his amazing photography since the manual days of photogrpahy until the digital era. Thanks for feauturing him. Bundhowi

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