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I’m Talking to a Jade Circle

I’m giving a lecture to the “Jade Circle” of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum on the 15th of July in Ubud. Donors who make significant financial contributions to the museum are granted membership in the “Jade Circle” which comes with a wealth of special privileges and programs. One of them … Continue reading

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Author : Susi
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Indonesian Textiles @ ArtIC

From last December until March an extraordinary exhibition of Indonesian textiles was up at the venerable Art Institute of Chicago, entitled The Art of Indonesian Textiles. It closed in March, so if you didn’t go, you missed it.  But you can still get the book, which is as extraordinary as … Continue reading

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Author : Susi
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Southeast Asian Ceramics at the Sackler

Photos ©The Smithsonian Institute 2008 Clay vessels have been part of the everyday lives of the people of Southeast Asia for four millenia. Wherever there have been people, there have been pots, and the diversity of styles reflects the complexity of this region’s cultural heritage over time and across great … Continue reading

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Author : Susi
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