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Bali invasion

Interesting little spontaneous essay by “Joan of Bali” popped up in the comments section of one of my posts. Since it was “public” I take the liberty of reposting it here. Thanks Joan. “When I came here I saw a very different economy than I came from but I didn’t … Continue reading

Sylvie Goussopoulos Bali Exhition in Montpelier

Sylvie Goussopoulos Shoots Bali, Oddly Enough

Sylvie Goussopoulos, is French photographer with an eccentric eye. She’s just shot Bali, and her images from the Bali trip are the subject of an exhibition entitled Pas d’amok à Bali, that opened last night at the Librairie L’ivraie in Montpelier. Goussopoulos considers herself and “ethno-photographer,” and her work often … Continue reading

Presidential Election indonesia 2014

July Forever 2014 Never Now

welcome to the waning moon. it doesn’t matter what we want it to do, it wanes away just the same. it doesn’t matter how many votes either candidate gets. prabowo has already decided that he will rule this country, and he will brook no dissent, nor can he, with row … Continue reading


Batungaus Beach Awash in Sandals

The plastic trash that washes up on Bali’s beaches is something I give a lot of thought to. And a fair amount of energy, too. The problem is multifaceted, and has become a chronic one. Looking at beach trash in new ways can help us to increase our awareness and … Continue reading

gaya ceramics

A modest studio in Bali with a big following

Yes!! Bali Creative Economy. Gaya ceramics studio is brilliant, and has been seminal in transferring skills, techniques, and launching the ceramic arts careers of local young people. The Wall Street Journal is writing about it.

bali porsche rally

Bali rally

Yes, I have to say myself, that the whole “porsche club” thing in Bali last week was . . . shall we say . . . symptomic . . . (of what ailment) . . . pause for thought . . . How can porsche rallies be relevant or amusing … Continue reading

kuta BALI

Kuta, Bali by Adrian Vickers

Wow. What a find. Material for a Master’s Thesis, for sure. A book by an Indonesian writer that exposes Indonesian perceptions of foreigners as they are known. It reflects direct observation, extrapolation from popular media, and a spectrum of preconceptions arising from indigenous ways of being in and seeing the … Continue reading


Dance Vibration – photography exhibition

Tomorrow! 29 March. An evening that will be remembered as “one of those moments” – – a “you should’ve been there” one. Talented photographer Doddy Obenk + important figures in traditional dance and performance. At Three Monkeys Sanur, 7pm. Note: Bring cash, credit card and checkbook. Acquire authentic fine art … Continue reading



Looking forward to a very important forum, and hopefully an interesting one. There are so many opportunities for the Asia Pacific region to work together for a better future. I do hope that voices of sustainability and humanity will be heard during the forum. Synergy around the Pacific is not … Continue reading

Jakarta property

Jakarta environment

This seems like a step in the right direction. But the problems of environmental imbalance that affect the watersheds upstream of Jakarta are bigger than just a few dozen villas. It’s not just the upper elevations that affect the whole watershed; the lower elevations and flatter lands nearer the city … Continue reading

drugs story bali

My drugs story in Bali

This is a fairly accurate news story about my recent experience here in Bali. One important element does not appear in this story: I was treated with respect, dignity, and pure neutrality by all of the personnel of the narcotics unit of Polresta Denpasar once I had been delivered to … Continue reading

bird blu

Bird Flu in Four Regencies in Bali

Since I’m inadvertently serving as ad hoc translator and bridge between mutually-misread populations cohabiting in Bali . . . This news hasn’t filtered through to non-Indonesian-language media yet. For the past several weeks there have been outbreaks of a new strain of bird flu among commercially-raised and traded birds (chickens, … Continue reading

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