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Get a Grip

Tribal art dealer, Mark Johnson has just added an unusual bronze grip to his website. He indicates it was excavated in Java and is approximately 2,000 years old, dating from the Indonesian bronze age, often referred to at the Dong Son period. I have never seen a similar piece from … Continue reading

Contain Your Enthusiasm

I have always been a big fan of small containers. They imply the concealment and protection of something precious, something treasured – – or treacherous. The tribal cultures of Southeast Asia have produced some of the most beautiful and enigmatic small containers ever. Apparently I’m not the only one who … Continue reading

Hey Textilians: Play the Maharam Memory Game

Have you got an eye for textiles? Test your textile memory with the Maharam Memory Game, a beautiful, enjoyable and relevant freebie on Maharam’s marvelous website. The game involves remembering the location of textile swatches and pairing them up on screen. Be warned: it’s compulsive. Maharam is a fourth-generation family … Continue reading

Here Materials Matter Most

Been looking for alternatives to hard-edged modern-minimalist rectilinearity? Alternatives suited to a non-urban, natural island lifestyle? Here’s one – – furniture, lighting and accessories by Bleu Nature. This is rustic primitive minimalism without apology. Driftwood and hairballs against icy white set the tone of their new 2008-2009 collection. It’s beachy and … Continue reading

The Many Merits of Munkenbeck+Marshall

Found this firm by chance, having stumbled on a credit in a book on modern garden design. Munkenbeck’s bio goes like this: Dartmouth Harvard Foster Associates James Stirling, and he’s worked for a wealth of aristrocrats, including designing four palaces for Saudi royals. The stunning visitors centre for the Earl … Continue reading

“Why are buildings in Bali so ugly?”

I’m often saddened when proudly showing friends around Bali, to be asked, “Why are the buildings in Bali so ugly?” Living here for so long, one tends to become numb to the pain of countenancing constant architectural eyesores. When I’m hit with the “ugly buildings” question, therefore, I have a … Continue reading

So Many Developments in Bali . . . Seaside Suites

Look out, Bali, here come 26 apartments with wiggly walls. How are you supposed to arrange your furniture? It’s going up on the beach in Legian. It’s a wiggly, wiggly world. Even the interior staircases are wiggly. I think I’ll just take the lift instead.

So Many Developments in Bali . . . Paasha Seminyak

This four-storey development is under constuction in Seminyak. It’s a 100-unit condotel right on Jalan Laksmana (“Eat Street”). Each unit will offer 50 square meters of location location location. But not enough room to swing a cat. Probably not pets allowed anyhow, so perhaps that’s not a big concern.

So Many Developments in Bali . . . Pecatu is the Whopper

Here’s the master plan for the New Kuta mega multi-use development taking place on the Bukit Peninsula, which includes residential, hospitality, commercial, education and leisure components at various market levels. Don’t ask what else it includes. It’s probably better to ask, “What doesn’t it include?”

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