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Update on the “Ugo-Filippo Show”

Finally, here are photos from the Ugo Untoro/Filippo Sciascia vernissage at Biasa Artspace (which I posted about a couple weeks ago). Your patience has been rewarded. Sorry, no photos of Ugo. He’s kind of shy. The tense reciprocity of Ugo and Filippo’s collaborative works is visually arresting, and crackles with static electricity. Viewers were … Continue reading

Bali : A Day in the Life

As promised, here’s a digest of interesting items from the last issue of the Bali Post. Headline on the health page: Don’t Send Your Kids to Buy Your Cigarettes. 37% of all children in Indonesia smoke. The writer ventured that sending the kids to buy smokes might encourage them to try … Continue reading

Bukit Birthday Party Update

On Tuesday I wrote about the past weekend’s wicked exploits. But no photos, so I had to illustrate the post with a painting by Davina Stephens, whose birthday party on the Bukit was the main event of the weekend. Now I have a few snapshots thanks to Carolyn Tyler, celebrated … Continue reading

In Bali Kite Season = Party Season

It’s kite season in Bali, when strong trade winds from the east bring dry weather. Kite season means two things. It means crazy colourful skies. And it means crazy colourful parties. The good weather brings global party-goers and party-makers in droves. The Sleeping Tiger has had little sleep of late, … Continue reading

Mid-Century Moderns for Rent

A fantastic compendium of exceptional vacation rentals appeared on if it’s hip it’s here yesterday. They must have trawled a lot of luxury rental agency sites to select these gems (plus many others).

Goetheian Crayons = Pure Beauty

From Better Living Through Design, we discovered these German-made chunky crayons of pure beeswax and natural pigments. The box is so beautiful, it makes sense to buy two, one to use, and one to keep. The 25 colours are derived from Goethe’s Theory of Colours. How very German. Buy them … Continue reading

Kunzru: The Expensive Search for What Money Can Never Buy

“Self-fashioning through shopping is a perfect pastime for the modern control society – non-threatening and solipsistic.”   (Hari Kunzru for The Guardian) Kunzru just wrote a piece for The Drawbridge (also excerpted in The Guardian) on the vacuousness of “luxury”. This is not an earth-shaking article and most of its points are self-evident to … Continue reading

Tropical Modern Master : Ossipoff

Tropical residential design for a changing world is a topic we pursue with a passion. In this pursuit it has been impossible to overlook Vladimir Ossipoff, hailed as the master of Hawaii modernism. His principles and programs for creating homes that manifest an enlightened approach to appropriateness, aesthetics and comfort … Continue reading

Vomitrocious No. 1: Gold Pet Mattresses

I am starting a series of posts called Vomitrocious. That is the only word I can come up with that fits the grotesque sort of “luxury” products that are being produced and marketed now. So here is Vomitrocious No. 1. I shall inaugurate this series with 22K gold mattresses for dogs … Continue reading

Simple Affordable Tropical Home?

Residential architecture, particularly for the tropics, is a matter of great importance to the Sleeping Tiger on the Island of Bali. Here is a simple, efficient, affordable home design which has been getting a great deal of buzz. Built in the non-tropical region of Santiago, Chile, the Biehl House by … Continue reading

Learn Pro Photography Skills in Ubud

Vincent Sung, a Korean photographer whose career has ranged across the globe is now offering photography lessons at all levels at his newly-established Visual Sponge Institute in Ubud, Bali. Handsome, charming, fluent in numerous languages including French and English, Vincent has extensive experience teaching photography around the world. He delights … Continue reading

Stay Well, Sleep Well in Honolulu

The Aqua hotel in Honolulu has reinvented itself as a green, sleek, design boutique property called Renew. What was basically an uninspired late-century box of a hotel is now rather splendid, thanks to its appropriate reinvention, with metro-tropical Asian interiors by Jiun Ho, Malay-born, San Francisco-based designer, whose career we’ve … Continue reading

Tong’s Psychedelic Tigers

Illustrator Yehrin Tong has devised a stunning tiger pattern, for Maharishi Womenswear. We are mad about tigers in general, the name of our enterprise being Macan Tidur (“The Sleeping Tiger” in Indonesian). 

Architectural Digest: Redeemed

I’m not a huge fan of the American magazine, Architectural Digest. Often, the properties featured cross the border between the extravagant and the vulgar, with unleashed spending taking priority over good taste and good design. My sister, a champion of simple living, refers to the magazine as Barfitectural Indigestion, which is … Continue reading

Nice Luzon Tribal Art Site

The Antique Luzon Tribal Art Connoisseurs Organisation (ALTACO) website is simple in presentation, but rich with images and information. I specialise in the arts of the Indonesian archipelago, and don’t often go exploring online for information on Luzon art, but I happened to stumble on this site today. The extensive … Continue reading

Just Say: Go Get Yourself Luxed

For those of us who have found ourselves living in interesting places, there is a price to pay. Many prices, actually. One of them is handling the deluge of enquiries from friends-of-friends who get in touch for information on places to stay, what to do, where to shop, and all … Continue reading

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