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Beditorial: Let’s Take Sleeping Seriously

by Susi, 25 June 2009


Clients often get us involved in designing and fabricating beds. This can lead to insomnia for all of us, including the end users of the beds. Conclusion: bed design is a nightmare. Most beds we see out there are designed for a “look,” but with little regard for how a bed is used. A bed should be comfortable to get into and arise from, especially in the dark, and in states of altered consciousness. A bed should have no sharp corners or gratuitous hard surfaces. This seems obvious. Then why are platform beds so wildly popular at present? They are ankle bangers, shin scrapers, knee-de-cappers and toe compactors. Show of hands: Who has never stumbled or banged themselves on the edge of a platform bed?

Trawling through our image bank of beds, I find only two that have aesthetic edge without any lacerating edges. Both are from the Gervasoni Ghost collection designed by Paola Navone. (Ghost 80E and Ghost 81E, pictured here.)

And no, you don’t have to sacrifice your burgeoning reputation as a coolhunter in order to get a good night’s rest.


Smart beds for smart sleepers. Plus there’s extra cache in the cachet of sleeping on a Gervasoni Ghost.



Let’s take sleep seriously. Sweet dreams.

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