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Accommodation by Design: Which Bali House Can Make the Cut?

by Susi, 23 July 2008

Ultimate Hides properties are the ne plus ultra for aesthetically intelligent travellers.

It’s a new website for the traveller who puts design excellence on the top of their priority list for holiday accommodation. Ok, so you have the budget to travel where and how you wish. Why should you stay somewhere that is less beautiful than your own homes? Why should you suffer from the mediocre aesthetic experience most five-star luxury resorts serve up? Go to Ultimate Hides.

Properties offered for rent on the site are published masterpiece homes designed by the likes of Tadao Andao, Ken Latona, Justin Long Pike Withers, and Philip Cox.

This elite travel newcomer so far handles properties in Australia, China, Japan and Switzerland. Selective global expansion is certain, but if you want your property listed it must meet Ultimate Hides’ stated criteria: “important architectural design, sustainability, privacy, artistic merits, inspirational virtues, natural environment”. So who in Bali makes the grade? I’m waiting with bated breath to see the first Bali property on Ultimate Hides. To get listed go to their sign-up page

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