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Reality of Shadows, Shadows of Reality

by Susi, 25 July 2008

Filippo Sciascia and Ugo Untora, collaborative artists in Biasa Artspace exhibition.

Tonight we attended the delightfully thorny vernissage at Biasa Artspace of an exhibition enigmatically entitled Reality of Shadows, Shadows of Reality. The show marks the highly-charged collision of two artistic talents: Indonesian Ugo Untoro and Italian Filippo Sciascia, both working in Bali. Everyone who is anyone (and then some), packed the gallery and garden, sloshing wine, noshing satay and not paying very much attention to the high voltage current flashing along the wires of this ostensibly collaborative show. Freethinkers and freebooters alike came for the cleavage as much as for the culture.

If I can manage to get some snapshots of the opening from the many photographers and video journalists in attendance, I’ll update this post with hard evidence showing Bali’s cognoscenti and slinkerazzi unabashedly entertwined amid the artworks. Bravissima to Susanna Perini of Biasa for another bold experiment in pursuit of art. It was a great party. We had full glasses for hours, and kissed the cheeks of Sophie Digby of the Yak, Marco and Simonetta of Quarzia, Artist Pablo Gentile, Mauro Garavoglia, Sharona, Anita Lococo (of Taschen Living in Bali fame), Dada Living Room, Michael Palmieri, Sarita Newsom, Davina Stephens, Paola Zancanaro of SKS, photographer Gaby Wehn (who’s been busy with Vogue in the Republic of Georgia, and Russia), Made Wianta, Van Wieringen, Jean Couteau (who’s just launched a new book), Moon Khoury, Wayan Krupuk, and too many more cheeks to remember them all in detail.

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