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Bali Buzz: Mangovision Ripens

by Susi, 26 September 2009


A posse of Bali creatives and media folk have banded together to make a television content package for high-end hotels, with fresh, locally-grown features, info and advertising. Mangovision is broadcasting in several top hotel and villa resorts on the island, with more joining all the time. The focus is decidedly up-market, and hip.

Several savvy advertisers are already on board, including the likes of Milo’s, John Hardy, Dandelion and Jean-Francois Fichot. This is THE advertising platform for elite enterprises who want to target an exclusively affluent audience. So get a slice of the action with Mangovision. But don’t do it right away, or their rates will spike before I get signed up myself.

Content includes up-to-date info on events, activities, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, and more. Feature programs aren’t hokey infomercials or fluff either. They’ve got the Blair Brothers’ Ring of Fire series, Lawrence Blair’s more recent documentaries, and programs on culture, nature, adventure, history, the environment, and other subjects of regional interest. Previously, I fretted on this blog about the sheer volume of magazines piling up in Bali. Mangovision is an interesting alternative to mountains of glossy paper. Will we soon see a Stranger-in-Paradise videolog on Mango? I hope so.

Nice original network ID animations by Armand Pranoto, btw, who has also done work locally for The Yak Awards and Dandelion. Become a Mangovision fan on Facebook.

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