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Korakot: A Direct Flight from Chula Kites to High Design

by Susi, 4 October 2009


His grandfather was a master Chula kitemaker, now Korakot Aromdee makes masterpieces of bamboo using the same fine materials and craftsmanship. His work includes large-scale sculptures, lighting, decorative accessories and architectural pieces.


I appreciate Korakot’s work, not only for its beauty, but for the way he makes bamboo fly up to the stratosphere of sophisticated style. And because he proudly flies the flags of Thai identity, community consciousness, and environmental awareness.


Korakot’s work is available through his website, at international design and interiors exhibitions, and in New York at Establishment, an innovative retail showroom/gallery in the Meatpacking District.

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  • Was lucky enough to see these pieces at the Bangkok Fair on Tuesday.. stunning.. actually the amount of creative talent coming out of Thailand at the moment was truly inspiring.. there is a bit of a creative renaissance going on there I feel..

  • How fab that you have a write up on Korakot.ara asia is an international interior design consultancy studio tucked away in sanur, and Im running it with another friend .We are using some of Korakot's pieces in a deelopment in shanghai that we are completing.

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