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Liaigre by Liaigre

by Susi, 28 July 2008

Christian Liagre\'s new book, Liagre . . . published by Flammarion, out in September 2008.

Christian Liaigre’s new book Liagre will hit the shelves this September. Reserve your advance copy now, at $125. Or click it on for just $78.75. Authored by Liaigre, and Thomas Luntz, with photos by Jean-Philippe Peter, the book features six exclusive properties in Spain, Bora Bora, Switzerland, France and elsewhere. Many of the interior design trends you love now are derived from Liaigre, but go to the guru himself to see how it is really meant to be. You will burn your clumsy clunky wood furniture when you see how it should have been. Taste, proportion, eye, restraint and balance; these are absolutes, and impossible to fake.

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