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BLUE Until 18 September

by Susi, 29 July 2008

20th century Cirebon-style cotton batik kain panjang, The Textile Museum.

The colour blue has calming and restorative properties. If the stresses of a roller-coaster economy and the strains of everyday life are taking a toll, visit the BLUE exhibition at the Textile Museum in Washington DC. At least visit the website, then download the gallery guide, and look deeply into the blues there, like the Javanese “clouds” batik above. The BLUE exhibition runs through 18 September, so there is still time to dive into the blue in DC. 

(Sorry, I shouldn’t have used the word “runs” in reference to blue textiles, even though indigo can be very colourfast. So, I’ll just say the exhibition “persists” through 18 September. How’s that?)

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