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Architectural Digest: Redeemed

by Susi, 6 August 2008

Axel Veervoordt palazzo in Venice.

I’m not a huge fan of the American magazine, Architectural Digest. Often, the properties featured cross the border between the extravagant and the vulgar, with unleashed spending taking priority over good taste and good design. My sister, a champion of simple living, refers to the magazine as Barfitectural Indigestion, which is perhaps a bit excessive, but less excessive than the properties AD usually features.

Well, AD has redeemed itself in my eyes with the forthcoming September 2008 issue, already visible online. There is more taste, restraint and reality in this issue than I recall having seen in AD for decades. The most noteworthy contents for me are the Venetian home of one of my favourite dealer-designers Axel Veervoordt (above), and the minimalist Mexican retreat of Michael Schaible (below).

Michael Schaible retreat in Mexico.

Perhaps the economic “come-uppance” that America is experiencing has inspired a return to sobriety and quality after the wanton material excesses of the past decade.

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