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Freaky Friday: Di3va Condotel Oozes into Kuta (Beware!)

by Susi, 16 April 2010


Could Kuta possibly get any weirder than it is already? Yes! Here’s a new rubbery-looking condotel called the “Di3va” now almost complete on Jalan Raya Legian. It’s the first business project of a glam three-girl Jakarta music group of the same name (below, as seen on the Di3va hotel home page).


But how did this building design happen? Does anybody remember that kitsch sci-fi horror film, “The Blob“? This is it! In the film, the world was saved when the blob was transported by heli-vac to the arctic where it froze. I guess global warming is real, because the blob has apparently unfrozen and invaded Kuta. Beware! The Blob!


This place touts its proximity to “the glamour nightlife” of Kuta. Well, I for one would not want to come home to the wobbly world of Di3va after imbibing a bit too much at the clubs. Can you imagine anything more sick-making?

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    • brian grant
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    • June 30, 2010

    As a relatively new resident of Bali i am appalled that this sort of "construction" has been allowed to happen.The beautiful Bali of years gone by has all but been handed over to western development making it soon to resemble Las Vegas. The governor of Bali has lost touch with reality and has absolutely no idea of the amount of tourists that are deserting Bali because of the corruption in allowing this sort of thing to happen. I feel sorry for the Balinese, they will be the ones to suffer.

      • Susi
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      • June 30, 2010

      Yes, Brian. I agree completely. It's been interesting to me to follow the discourse about development in the local Indonesian language newspaper, The Bali Post. There is some awareness of the importance of the issues you touch on, but no sense of urgency, and no ability to act effectively to address the issues. With all of the sentimental rhetoric about how the Balinese people are so "cooperative" and "community minded" they have come to believe it themselves. While in fact, it is not true in the least. Quite the opposite. And that is a very, very big problem.

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