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So Much Building in Bali: Let’s Do the Donga in Kedongan (Or Not.)

by Susi, 20 April 2010


This big apartment block is set to rise down in Kedongan, south of Kuta. It’s called The Donga. What’s a Donga? Normally, Donga is a district in Nigeria. In this case it seems to be a truncation of the name of the town where this semi-blobistic  fantasy will soon appear.


We have seen designs for The Donga by Yoka Sara, and more complete ones by Piter Gan. We don’t know who won the beauty pageant, or if it’s a collaborative effort. Superstar Balinese architect Yoka Sara for his version of the Donga drew on inspirations as diverse as M.C. Escher and the traditional Cirebon batik design megamendung (storm clouds). Gan’s designs, shown here, seem to have been more influenced by provincial airports of the 1960s.

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