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Learn Pro Photography Skills in Ubud

by Susi, 11 August 2008

Vincent Sung photographer and founder of Visual Sponge Institute.

Vincent Sung, a Korean photographer whose career has ranged across the globe is now offering photography lessons at all levels at his newly-established Visual Sponge Institute in Ubud, Bali.

Handsome, charming, fluent in numerous languages including French and English, Vincent has extensive experience teaching photography around the world. He delights in helping people of all ages and nationalities to make the most of their “visual spongeing,” whether their goal is nice holiday snaps or a successful professional shoot. His own portfolio includes edgy fashion images, interiors, architecture, lifestyle shots and feature magazine work.

Confused by all the settings on your new digital SLR? Frustrated by how bad your sunset snaps at KuDeTa come out? Eager to capture the ineffable magic of Bali? Why not use some of your time on the island to pick up skills and tricks from a pro at the Visual Sponge Institute. Workshops and small group classes begin on the 13th of August.  

Vincent Sung pro photographer and founder of Visual Sponge.

Email for schedule and full info.

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