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John Hardy, Eco-Celeb: Make Up! Hair! Get this Man a Face Blotter!

by Susi, 14 August 2008

John Hardy in a tropical funk.

How did we miss this? John Hardy, who is adored for his earnest eccentricity, wacky warm heart, and acute eye for great Indonesian textiles, was featured in Destinasian way back in February in an article entitled “Much Ado About Bamboo”. And we missed it. How?

The article delved into some of the true grit of what John does, which is utterly organic, earthy, muddy and valourous. Good for that, I say. John is a likely chap, with plenty of grit under his fingernails. A real hands-on kind of guy who never shirks a good wallow in the rice paddy. But I must say, with all that soil-tilling, the man needs a manicure, frankly. There should be a charity to support nail care for this eco-warrior who doesn’t give a toss what people think, he just gets on with what he believes in, which is grassroots greening of everything he sees. But nails are not the only grooming issue exposed in the aforementioned Destinasian article.

Johnny Langenheim the photo-journo who did the piece, evidently needs a more complete crew. Someone should give the guy a grant to retain the requisite retinue of fussy effeminate boys and lithe lovely Indonesian lasses to handle the niceties he overlooks. I mean, like really, look at the main feature photo of John Hardy (detail above).  All I can say is, “Fetch a sheet of face blotting paper, quck-like! Make up! Hair crew! We’ve got a persperation crisis happening here!”  

Poor John was published lank-locked and dripping. Where were the prancing PRs? Where were the effete acolytes who usually attend such shoots? Shame shame shame. Poor, poor John. He’s quite a handsome fellow, normally. Anyhow, do read the article, and then Google John Hardy, erstwhile celebrity jeweler, now Bali’s Baron of Bamboo and back-to-grassroots schooling. Then write a check to the Bali Fund for Cleaning Up Greenies (Manicure and Coiffure Division). Give until it hurts (as much as John’s distressed cuticles do). Thank you. Thank you.

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