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Goetheian Crayons = Pure Beauty

by Susi, 16 August 2008

German Beeswax crayons from Design Within Reach, inspired by Goethe\'s colour theories.

From Better Living Through Design, we discovered these German-made chunky crayons of pure beeswax and natural pigments. The box is so beautiful, it makes sense to buy two, one to use, and one to keep. The 25 colours are derived from Goethe’s Theory of Colours. How very German. Buy them at Design Within Reach. We don’t usually post about modern product design, as there are already too many design blogs covering the territory too thoroughly. But this was too good to keep quiet about.

Colour wheel from The Theory of Colours by Goethe.

Look at Goethe’s Colour Wheel (above). Compare and contrast to crayons.

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