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Prowl Singapore Architects’ Studios by Night (without risking arrest)

by Susi, 17 August 2008

Archifest Singapore 2008 - Join a night tour of architects\' studios.

Singapore is the main stopover on Bali flights from Europe and America, and it’s the top shopping destination for Bali residents. Should you have plans to be in Singapore this October, schedule your trip to coincide with this amazing archi-tour, part of the city’s 2008 Archifest.

Night time tour of architects\' studios in Archifest Singapore 2008.

The tour trawls through the working spaces of some of Singapore’s most interesting architectural practices, and hits the bars and shops that they frequent. Offered on three consecutive weekends (3 October – 18 October), these exclusive backstage tours start at 7pm and end at 11pm, exposing “the interfaces these offices have with bars and shops,” and “the extension of working life into night life”. 

Wow. Fun. Enlightening. Exclusive. Better than just bellying up to a bar somewhere and being bored.

Archifest Singapore 2008 - Night tour of architects\' studios (and bars).

BTW, Singapore is in the middle of a building boom and an economic one (what a contrast to USA doldrums). A creative boom is rumbling under the surface of all this go-go economic activity, and this night tour will be a great way to dive below the surface and see what is percolating, design-wise.

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