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Bali : A Day in the Life

by Susi, 21 August 2008

94 million Indonesian children are smokers.

As promised, here’s a digest of interesting items from the last issue of the Bali Post.

Headline on the health page: Don’t Send Your Kids to Buy Your Cigarettes. 37% of all children in Indonesia smoke. The writer ventured that sending the kids to buy smokes might encourage them to try smoking themselves, which is not a good thing, as smoking is the “door to narcotics.”

Three Turkish nationals were arrested at the ferry port, heading for Java. They are accused of hypnotising a salesgirl at a cellphone stand in Denpasar. She says they approached her asking for change, and the next thing she knew, they were leaving and Rp 400,000 (US$44) was missing from her cash box.

Debate continues in opinion columns on whether there should be a death penalty for corrupt officials. (I think they should simply tattoo CORRUPTOR on their foreheads, and do the same for their family members who also benefitted from the ill-gotten gains.)

A 20 year old man was arrested for beating his wife because she would not allow him play with his Playstation.

The daily people’s debate page, Warung Global, declared in its headline: Stupidity is the Cause of Economic Woes. Some opinions put forward: The Balinese people have sold their land, spent the money foolishly, and are now complaining about being marginalised on their own island. They are too consumptif. If this doesn’t change they will end up being paying guests on their own island. A multidisciplinary team should be assembled to “manage” Bali.

There were no reports of deaths in motorbike accidents, which is unusual. Normally there are two or three such reports daily.

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