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Silly Hats, Silly Walks, Silly Party: Ian’s Birthday @ Phalosa

by Susi, 28 July 2010

They call August the silly season in Bali. Well, I’ll drink to that. I did drink to that come to think of it, starting at the end of July. I toasted silliness in general on July 25th at the birthday beach party for Ian Macaulay of Elite Havens and a couple of his friends who are also Leos.

The dress code was “sarongs and silly hats” so silliness was thematic here. Ian took silliness seriously with his Chief Executive Headdress. Who ever said he doesn’t know what hat to wear? That’s the birthday boy above, greeting Mamadou Ciss, who’s been an important international rice broker since 1984 and is now chief executive officer of Hermes Investments in Singapore). Milo Taylor of Bali Homes Management took silliness one step beyond, sporting a hamburger on his head (below, with a Nir Gural and Nyree Corby).

Nyree is, by the way, engaged to my good friend Adrian Theodore King, who’s an energetic young entrepreneur. So energetic nobody but Nyree can keep up with him. There they are together (below).

The day-into-evening event was held at the Phalosa, a new event venue (doesn’t Bali have too many of those already?), right on the beach between Petitenget and Berawa. It’s got the requisite pavilion over the infinity pool (below), which morphs readily from wedding altar to DJ booth and back in a flash. On this occasion we were entertained mostly by each other’s silly hats, but also by a bunch of hyper-active drummers and DJ Kevin K.

We didn’t stay long, just long enough to enjoy a Phalosa sunset, which I must say was spectacular (below). Location, location, location. So where do the silly walks come in? The Phalosa was just finishing up construction in July, so we parked in an adjacent un-graded lot, and scrambled over construction debris and treacherous steps to get to the entrance. I thought that was pretty silly, in my heels. Wrong shoes for a sarongs and silly hats party on the beach.

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