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Bali High Season: A Devil of a Time at the Living Room Lounge

by Susi, 1 August 2010

The Living Room balanced the effect of KuDeTa’s annual I’m an Angel party this year by hosting a I’m a Devil party on the same night, July 31st, the last day before Bali’s official party season begins. We chose to go to the devil, since KuDeTa parties these past five years have been too packed with people we’ve never seen in our lives and aren’t likely to see again.

Over at the devil-do, house DJ Mamsa was predictably adept with his perhaps-too-set set of underground hypnosis. When Living Room pilot Daniel Vanneque joined him in the cockpit, the flight was hijacked straight to hellfire. We had a devil of a time, in other words. Living Room copilot, Dada Morabia and his clever wife Gabrielle were there, and as ever, their warmth, hospitality, and downright wholesomeness kept things on the right side of the river Styx. The Living Room can be crazy, but it somehow manages to be “good crazy”. Dada and Daniel must be doing the right offerings.

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