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Christmas Shopping in Bali Lesson 3: CARGA Petitenget

by Susi, 12 December 2010

Brand spanking new, and smack up against Biku Tea Room, here’s CARGA. It’s a retail emporium taking traditional Indonesian ideas and materials and throwing them sideways. In delightful ways. Tradition with a twist.

Cross the whole bloody lot off of your list here. Something for everyone – – personal adornment, bags, incense, housewares, soap, interior decor, and more, but all of it a bit wonky in the best possible way. Just go see for yourself, and have tea at Biku after.

P.S. No links here, because they haven’t got a website. Yet. And nobody else seems to have written about them. Yet.

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    • Helen
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    • December 16, 2011

    Couldnt agree more, a great shop with lots of good quality goods. Considering the location, the prices are also reasonable. Highly recommended. They need a website - they have apple products so surely they can hire a programmer?

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