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Lost Weekend

by Susi, 1 September 2008

Friday night was the “Shhh! Speakeasy” dinner fundraiser for the Balinale Taksu Film Festival at the Ritz-Carlton in Jimbaran. What with the illicit teacup martinis on arrival, and brown-bagged bottles of hooch (excellent New Zealand red wine) handed out to every attendee, not to mention the fine works of literature on the tables hiding bottles of vodka . . . we were absolutely reeling drunk. Ooops. When referring to ladies (and I am purported to be one), the correct and polite term is “tired and emotional”. So I was “tired and emotional.” After winning the best-headdress contest and being Charleston-wrestled by Taksu Film Festival mascot, Kadek Krishna, I was fit to be tied.

I eventually flopped fish-like into my house around 2am-ish and sprawled on the floor to read (thinking that the longer I read, the slower my bed would be spinning when I finally retired to it). The floor was cold, the book was at a dull passage, and the wind was chill. Dozing off face down on pages of Making the Mummies Dance by Thomas Hoving, I awoke three hours later as stiff as a mummy with many misaligned vertebrae.

The result is a paralytic and excruciatingly painful neck. So no blog posts until recovery as I cannot hold my head up without writhing in pain. Phenobarbital and opiates offer only limited relief. Please stand by for further blog posts in due course. By the time my neck has recovered somewhat there should be shocking photos to post of the Speakeasy bacchanalia for the Balinale . . . meanwhile . . . coma.

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