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Tim Girvin on Resort Design, Lautner, Las Brisas Et Alia

by Susi, 6 September 2008

Tim Girvin blogs John Lautner and more.

Visual and intellectual boundary-breaker, Tim Girvin has begun blogging his brilliance in a series of essays which pierce like bright rays from a distant star, shining through the disparate galaxies of fragrance, film, fashion, architecture, TV, branding, identity, and thought as it is thunk. Girvin is more than a designer, he’s a serendipitous genetic experiment let loose upon the world. Best known as a brand, identity and typography master (Apple, Amex, Bloomingdale’s, Bravehart, Urban Decay, Wolfgang Puck, Yves Saint Laurent, WIRED, The Matrix, and more), Girvin goes where no simply sane design mind has gone before. And he collects fine Japanese bamboo baskets, too.

See his latest blog post, Resort Design Development | Brand, Patterning, Identity, Placemaking | John Lautner, Visions & Las Brisas, MX. Now there’s an essay title for you. Delicious food for thought. Find it at Tim’s place, blog, personal site, agency.

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