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Bali 19 August: Something Whacko This Way Comes

by Susi, 5 August 2011

Empire of the Sun at Potato Head Bali

Here’s the weirdest, wildest and probably the best event of the Bali summer season: Empire of the Sun at Potato Head Bali Beach Club in Petitenget, 19 August. Feeling a bit bored? Jaded? Nothing new to do? Under-awed by the faux-fabulousness of (yeah yeah) normal nightlife? Then pay attention.

Videoclip Empire of the Sun

Potato Head Beach Club in Bali has boldly booked an oddball act for their biggest high season party, and EVERYONE attending is coming in crazy costumes (required, no exceptions).

Freaky fun Bali party at Potato Head with Empire of the Sun

If you’ve never heard of Empire of the Sun (I hadn’t), they’re an Australian electropop duo, supported by a cast of thousands (or so it would appear), and a phalanx of dressers backstage to manage all the costume changes.

Live performance by Empire of the Sun coming to Bali

And they wear some very weird sh*t.

Lead man of Empire of the Sun who perform in Bali during high season 2011

And so should all of us. But what kind of costume to don? We’re leaning toward indian pow-wow glam with a dash of Louis XIV. And colour, definitely colour.

Empire of the Sun to play Bali high season party

Think: Adam Ant meets Avatar in a sci-fi samurai flick on a Wagner opera set. Or Peranakan pirates in a Cirque du Soleil extravaganza in Ultravox-land. Empire of the Sun are described as being varied and unpredictible. We should be, too. They’re very visual. Ditto for all of us.

Fancy dress required for Bali performance by Empire of the Sun

This is going to be very amusing. And with Potato Head’s possibilities for light and sound, and recent reports from Empire of the Sun’s 2011 world tour so far, be prepared for a really big show; and a participatory one.

unpredictable electropop and rock by Empire of the Sun in Bali

Curious? See some EoS vids on YouTube here. Then order your Potato Head tickets from

Empire of the Sun give good glam in Bali high season 2011

Don’t worry. It’s OK to be kitsch. Really. We’re bored, after all. Might as well indulge in some insanity. The sanest response perhaps, to a world that’s gone increasingly insane of late.

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