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Quantum Leap: New Directions in Bali Architecture and Design

by Susi, 13 September 2008

After yesterday’s post, here’s another glimpse into the future of residential and hospitality design in Bali. (Lots more pictures after the jump.) The first proposed project (below) is a series of villas on a slope facing the sea, with the challenge being how to give every house views without sacrificing privacy. The second is a cluster of fifty villas on a 10 hectare property in Bali’s interior (after the jump). The design brief required placement of villa structures with minimum impact on the landscape, and minimum felling of trees. The resulting design sits light on the land, and invites nature in through transparent walls and takes advantage of the protective forest canopy to reduce energy inputs for cooling. Contact me for links and more information about these proposed projects.

New directions in tropical design on Bali.

New directions for tropical architecture on Bali.

New directions for tropical architecture on Bali.

New directions for tropical architecture on Bali.

Villas in the forest in Bali.

Forest villas in Bali that invite nature in.

Bali bathroom that benefits from a waterfall view.

The villa box is broken to allow it to be arranged on the site and accommodate existing trees.


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    • diego yoffe
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    • November 27, 2008

    Hello Susi, I got to this website through another one called colour lovers. I have been in Indonesia for the last six month with my partner who is from Surabaya. I am an Argentinian who lived most of my life in Buenos Aires and some years in Melbourne, Australia. Are you part on Macan Tidur? This is one, if not the store that marked me the first time I visited Bali. The two stores that I remember is Macan Tidur in Ubud and Kou soaps little store. I am an industrial designer with interest in interiors, furniture and architecture. I am already working at the moment but I would like to get in touch with like minded people and by reading your comments about the over development in Bali, many of I am starting to learn is not environmentally friendly and not of good quality, I imagine that it would be good to meet if you feel like it. Well, I will continue to explore your website and if you are in the island and we could meet please let me know. At the moment I am living in Renon but am wishing to move with my partner and my kid, soon to be born, somewhere greener in the near future. Hope you are well and I hope I am not over confident in my hope to meet some of the people who understand more Bali than myself. I want to know about this place as I do not want to become a surface dweller while I live my time here and hopefully leave a positive contribution or at least a neutral one. All the best, Diego Yoffe

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