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Al Fresco Elegance by Basco

by Susi, 25 September 2008

Chill together in a Gandia Basco pergola.

We’ve discovered a Spanish design firm that makes elegantly understated structures and furniture for living outdoors. The simplicity of their aluminum pergolas, furniture and accessories makes such a beautiful backdrop for beautiful people.

Bliss on the beach by Gandia Blasco.

Gandia Blasco’s outdoor collection is a blank canvas on which I long to compose perfect al fresco experiences. An afternoon nap, a big glamorous bash, and everything in between. And the website is a treasure, too.

Party pavilion by Gandia Blasco.

Can we get some Blascos in Bali? They have a Singapore distributor. I want to sprawl on their sunbeds, and slink around their party pergolas. Can we make something here with a similar concept, perhaps, using local materials and techniques? Or take the concept a step or ten further? White prada cloth pergolas perhaps? Any ideas?

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    • dara
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    • September 25, 2008

    LOVE these designs! thanks for sharing your discovery...

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