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Gebhart Blazek: The Textile Dealer’s Textile Dealer

by Susi, 28 September 2008

Berber textile at Gebhart Blazek

I have been a textile art dealer for about fifteen years. The longer I look at textiles, the more I see and appreciate them as works of art, and the more I look for pieces that speak first and foremost as aesthetic objects, and not just as ethnographic curiousities. 

Carpet at Gebhart Blazek

It is a standard interview technique to ask an actor who their favourite actor is, or an author who is their favourite author. The answer can be interesting, and instructive. 

Black and white at Blazek.

If you were to ask this textile dealer who is her favourite textile dealer, I would have to answer, Gebhart Blazek, based in Vienna and Graz, who specialises in Berber textiles and carpets.

Sensitively arranged exhibition by Blazek.

Blazek has a superb eye, superb sources, and a superb talent for exhibition design. 

Gebhart Blazek participating in an art fair.

He see his textiles as art. They are art. They are presented as such. I appreciate it enormously.

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