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Pay Close Attention: Vladimir Djurovic Designs

by Susi, 3 October 2008

Vladimir Djurovic house in the desert.

O, ye tropical designers of Bali, we bid thee, pay close attention. It is not enough to be “minimalis” meaning just leaving off the ornament and being blank. When you go simple, the bones are exposed and the proportions, functions, and relation to nature must be right.

Where is the light, where is the shade, where does the sun come up and where does it set?  Where do we desire shelter, and where do we seek the open sky. What do we do in these spaces? 

Pay attention for example to the work of Vladimir Djorovic. The private retreat in Syria. And designer Elie Saab’s home in Lebanon (below).

What is really happening here? It is not “looks like,” it is.

Pay close attention. Not the form, but the content. Why is it? What does it mean? What does it do? Pay close attention.

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