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Required Reading: Bali “Sucked Dry” by Tourists

by Susi, 8 October 2008

Dreamland beach in Bali, encroached upon by concrete and greed.

The Sydney Morning Herald has published a sizeable feature story on the impacts of overdevelopment in Bali, with the scathing headline: “Island paradise sucked dry by tourists”. I consider this piece to be required reading for anyone who is interested in Bali in any way, shape or form. 

The article features only one photo (above), which is worth many thousands of words. The caption reads, “Concrete creep . . . a tourist and shopping complex being built into the cliff at Dreamland beach, which had been an unspoilt area because of its inaccessibility.” I call that a Dreamland Nightmare. To find out more, read the SMH article. Now.

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