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The Susi Johnston Situation: Death to Nominee Scams

by Susi, 26 December 2013

Here’s an update on the very intriguing situation I have been thrown into, and have navigated faithfully for the past two years. A three-page summary of the news to date (and the background of this regrettable situation) can be downloaded by clicking here:
Susi Johnston Situation
(3.5MB – Be patient.)

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      • Rhonda
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      • August 10, 2014

      Hal0 Susi, i have been reading/following your story on FB Bali Crime Reports. It is amazing. I have been through some tough times also in Bali, legal/police/immigration/polda/poltabes,,,, but i dont think there is any comparison,, you certainly have a story that is far beyond what i have known to date. Have you acquired the Hak Pakai title on yr property as of this date. I think, to myself, hence the comment here and not on FB Crime reports, why the heck do you stay here. Not a question, just a thought to myself. Once i had hak pakai title sell and run far from this island. I have been here since 1985 and the magic of Bali wore off many years ago. I am waiting on money from a SUpreme Court Jakarta decision and once that is through, I hope to be off with the wind. Best of everything to you,,, I think you deserve the best,,,,regards, Rhonda

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