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Sylvie Goussopoulos Shoots Bali, Oddly Enough

by Susi, 4 October 2014

Sylive Goussopoulos Pas d'mok à bali

Sylvie Goussopoulos, is French photographer with an eccentric eye. She’s just shot Bali, and her images from the Bali trip are the subject of an exhibition entitled Pas d’amok à Bali, that opened last night at the Librairie L’ivraie in Montpelier.

Goussopoulos considers herself and “ethno-photographer,” and her work often zeroes in on women’s issues and the quotidian worlds of different indigenous peoples around the world. The publicity shot for the show sets the photographer, oddly enough, between a pig and a Balinese woman at home.The evident poverty in which this old woman lives is not as unusual in Bali as many people might think it is.

As in so many other places, the contrast between six-star luxury for the few, and abject poverty for the many is jarring, and the geographical separation between one and the other is often nearly nonexistent. In Bali now, we often find people living in distressingly difficult conditions right up against the glories of resort villas that rent out for many thousands of dollars a night. As the world becomes more crowded, and consequently crazier, such troubling juxtapositions are more common than ever. And just as troubling.

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