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So Many Developments in Bali . . . Seachange Karangasem

by Susi, 12 October 2008

Here’s a glimpse of a development underway in the sacred east of Bali, on a beach in Karangasem.

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    • Jenny Dalziel
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    • December 9, 2008

    Where in Karangasem is this development?

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    • December 9, 2008

    The beachfront part of the development is "on the lava cliffs of Padang Bai," according to the developer. It's the offshoot of a larger Seachange development located in Muncan, which is a small town above the Sidemen Valley, on the slopes of Gunung Agung. The developer has "killed" the landing page of their website, but all the rest of the pages are still there. You can see both developments by going to this Seachange page. What do you think of modern developments like this in Karangasem? Good thing? Not a good thing? Uncertain?

    • Jenny Dalziel
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    • December 10, 2008

    I think it is awful.I of course liked Bali the way it was. I dont like the way it is now and the way it is going... especially as so little of the revenue goes to the Balinese who work for a pittance as you know. Money is pouring into Bali but in the villages the people live in poverty. I am always shocked. I read that article by the new governor I think it is on your website suggesting a halt on development right now.... is that what it said? I think it is terrible that the trees are all being chopped down and the water is being used up and where is the sewage going? So I am 100% on your side susi and GOOD ON YOU for reporting on these awful things... but how will you stop it... It is up to the leaders. I live in New Zealand and it is the same here. for some reason half the population want the natural environment to be destroyed and the country turned into a mini Hawaii. Maybe this recession will put a halt to it.. money is all that anyone cares about.Is the global recession having any effect on tourist numbers in Bali or on people buying into these developments? I cannot believe what they are doing at Dreamland it is obscene.

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