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by Susi, 30 January 2013


The Director General of Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, I Gde Pitana Brahmananda, is calling on the young people of Bali to get creative, get innovative, and get going as creative entrepreneurs.

He cites the booming global success of Japanese and Korean emerging creative enterprises, and gives a mandate to the people of Bali to do the same and better. Pitana emphasizes that the indigenous traditions, skills and local genius here are as amazing or more so, than those of neighbouring countries that are already prospering through indie-local creative enterprise. He says there’s no problem finding an international as well as a domestic market for local creative production, and he, his agency, and related government departments promise their support and resources in connecting to those markets.

LET’S. GET. CREATIVE. TOGETHER. Bring it on. Make it fresh. Product design. Graphics. Film. Poetry. Video. Art Direction. Photography. Literature. Fashion. Digital Design. Textiles. Music. Architecture. Mobile Apps. Building Stuff. Interiors. Body Art. Skin Art. Skate Art. Gardens. Performance. Painting. Sculpture. Songs. Games. Multimedia. Street. Sports. Tools. Style. Innovative Green Technology. Bamboo. More! Don’t buy it, invent, design and create it!

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