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Filastine | Colony Collapse

by Susi, 27 December 2014

Filastine_Colony Collapse

Stills from the video “Colony Collapse” by sound artist Grey Filastine and Nova, Javanese vocalist of sounds and messages without borders.

Filastine will appear at Antidasoundgarden on 10 January, and at BetelNut in Ubud the evening before. Can we all make our contributions for the “tukang terang” (cloud clearer), perhaps?

T’would be good were there a hole in the rainclouds over Kesiman on the night of 10 January, methinks. If not, well, let it rain! Wet or dry, this is going to be a resounding moment for both those who gather in Ubud, and those who gather in Kesiman with Filastine. Be seeing you . . .

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