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So Many Developments in Bali . . . Ubud Nirwana Villas by Bakrie

by Susi, 13 October 2008

Ubud Nirwana Villas by Bakrieland, at least there\'s some green in the masterplan.

Phew, at least this Ubud development isn’t intensely dense. It’s 30 units on 42,000 square meters. Do the math. That’s 1400 square meters of land per unit. Respectable. Of course it’s respectable, this one’s a Bakrieland development. It’s the Ubud Nirwana wellness residences. Kind of a consciously created community of small villas with a big common spa and multipurpose structure alongside it. Nice long pool, too.

Bakrieland\'s Ubud Nirwana Villas and Spa, a chic conscious community, perhaps.

I suppose this is the “New Ubud”. Luxury rainforest villas rather than sodden bamboo bungalows. And it looks like these villas will be big enough to roll out your yoga mat in – – just. I do like all the green in the masterplan, though. It’s reassuring, somehow.

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    • Rahmat Julyanto
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    • January 20, 2012

    Ms. Johnston, Thanks for the news. I hope you don't mind me sharing this update to my fellow hotelier colleagues. Yes, the island is getting, or is it the development that is getting wider spread... Either way, let's just hope the natural resources and the Balinese uniqueness will still be there in years to come... -rahmat in Ungasan-

      • Susi
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      • January 21, 2012

      rahmat, thank you for your comment. of course you may share this. please note that i never intended to be polemical, and don't pretend that my collection of images is in any way a scientific or exhaustive report of fact, simply a compilation of images and information available publically that indicates the pace and nature of development in bali. what seems most important to take away from this is that clearly nobody actually has proper, clear, quantified and verified information about the true extent of overdevelopment in bali. agencies and entities active in this field do not maintain accurate information, nor do they share, coordinate or compile the information they do have. the result of this may be severely damaging to the economy, environment, and stability of bali.

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