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So Many Developments in Bali . . . Paasha Seminyak

by Susi, 15 October 2008

This four-storey development is under constuction in Seminyak. It’s a 100-unit condotel right on Jalan Laksmana (“Eat Street”). Each unit will offer 50 square meters of location location location. But not enough room to swing a cat. Probably not pets allowed anyhow, so perhaps that’s not a big concern.

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    • Susi
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    • May 18, 2010

    Update! A couple of weeks ago there were big news items in the Bali Post about this development. Construction has been halted by the authorities in Bali. It has a building permit, but the particulars of the building in the permit documents do not match the actual building as it is being built. Apparently, the building is too high, and covers too much of its lot, impinging on street frontage and boundaries with neighbors. It does look much too tall and imposing for Jalan Oberoi. It looms over the street like a big dark concrete monster, with the gaping maw of a ground level parking lot right in your face, front and centre. The density of this development is also inappropriate for its location. This part of Seminyak is already overbuilt and congested as it is.

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