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Come Play Outside with Paola Lenti’s Landscape Collection

by Susi, 22 November 2008

Outdoor living that\'s lush yet simple, modern yet earthy.

Searching for simple outdoor furniture to work with a modern tropical house. It’s harder than you might think. Most wood collections are too heavy, and conflict with existing woodwork in the house. Most collections made of modern materials look more like weapons than furniture. I can feel their sharp metal points and abrasive surfaces digging into my skin just by looking at them. And synthetic rattan is just too Target for an exclusive project. Done to death, and mostly done badly.

Finalmente! Found a collection that screams, “lounge on me, now and never leave!” And it won’t argue with the minimalist aesthetic of the house, nor does it demand either bandaids or bodybuilders when you move the pieces around (which one must do in order to create comfort in a variety of situations day and night).

Paola Lenti outdoor furniture, furnishings, carpets and accessories.

It is Paula Lenti’s Landscape collection, a lush yet simple group of pieces that represent soft-tech at its best. The materials are technologically advanced, but their lounge-ability is earthy, exotic and inviting.

Let’s go play outside in Paola Lenti’s lush landscape. It’s a perfect landscape for Bali.

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