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Here Materials Matter Most

by Susi, 3 December 2008

New furniture, lighting and accessories by Bleu Nature. Materials matter most.

Been looking for alternatives to hard-edged modern-minimalist rectilinearity? Alternatives suited to a non-urban, natural island lifestyle? Here’s one – – furniture, lighting and accessories by Bleu Nature.¬†This is rustic primitive minimalism without apology. Driftwood and hairballs against icy white set the tone of their new 2008-2009 collection. It’s beachy and arctic at the same time.

Bleu Nature’s site is nice, too. Its “about” page is utterly enchanting. First off, it’s not called “about”, it’s called “a nice story.” And nice it is. Founder Franck LeFebvre’s portrait reveals a jovial, robust and relaxed character who is patently French. The very same character flavours Bleu Nature’s collections.

Franck LeFebvre, founder of design house Bleu Nature of Lille, France. The emperor of driftwood.

“In our studio we build, nail, adjust, fasten and balance our pieces,” LeFebvre states. “All Bleu Nature creations are born of an encounter between the technical mastery of a French craftsman and the prolonged work of nature.”

That’s a theme I can subscribe to. What would a Barcelona Chair look like if it had been washed up on a beach for fifty years? Interesting.

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  • Please check A unique driftwood story hand made in Provence :) Kind regards, Catherine Op de Beeck

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