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by Susi, 16 July 2008

Ancient Javanese gold ring

The Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore has an impressive collection of ancient ornament from South and Southeast Asia. Early Javanese pieces like this large Sri ring (7th-9th century), are one of the collection’s strengths. Many of the most beautiful gold ornaments exhibited, including this ring, were part of a substantial gift by Mr and Mrs Andy Ng in the late nineties. When I visit Singapore I always make time to visit the museum to ogle the gold.

It’s no longer necessary to visit in person, though. Go to SGCool (Singapore Collections Online), where you can browse a large online repository of art and artefacts in the collections of numerous Singapore museums. We love online collections, they are a rich source of inspiration and information.

Image © 2007 National Heritage Board, Singapore

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    • johannas backir
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    • May 23, 2012

    So Beautifuuuul...,as Javanese People I Like It

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