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Haunted by Gervasoni’s Ghost

by Susi, 28 January 2009

We’ve found once again an extraordinary line of furniture that just works. Comfortable, stylish, elegant, confidently irreverant. It’s Gervasoni’s Ghost collection, a semi-spooky, seams-out fog of soft seating. When you have a space containing art and artefacts worthy of attention, you can either go museum-bench rigid with the upholstered pieces, or sit back and opt consciously for seating that whispers eloquently instead of shouting. Let’s all sit comfortably to take in our surroundings and the people occuppying them, shall we, rather than poising rigidly while eyeing the nearest exit?

We love the slipcovered nonchalance of the Ghost collection, with its wrinkled ease. Relaxed, after all should be authentically relaxed, yet with good bones and proportions. This is it. These pieces are draped in a way that’s more like a summer home taken by surprise than a stuffy Miss Havisham horror. And Gervasoni’s Ghost collection is emininently practical, one might add. It’s all slipcovered, ready to wash and wear and wear and wear. No ironing necessary.

Go for Ghost, I say.

These pieces will sit contentedly, anywhere, with anything. From Louis XIV masterpieces of marquetry and ormolu, to wabi-sabi chunks of weathered wood. These Ghosts will whisper eloquently, and keep comfort foremost where it matters most – – in the soft seating.

In intend to fill my new house with Gervasoni Ghosts, all white, all dinstinctly wrinkled, letting the art and artefacts assembled here speak freely to their audience, who can slouch insouciantly, without a worry and without feeling they are “sitting on ceremony.”

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