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Fine Friends: Tribal Art Meets Modern at the Beyeler

by Susi, 24 March 2009

Tribal talks to modern and the conversation is scintillating. © Photo Hughes Dubois, Brüssel – Paris

A truly outstanding exhibition at a truly outstanding institution. The Beyeler Foundation in Basel offers “Visual Encounters — Africa, Oceania and Modern Art,” through 24 May 2009.

The show juxtaposes masterpieces of tribal sculpture with important canvasses of modern masters; van Gogh, Cézanne, Braque, Matisse, Léger, Picasso, Rothko. The result is utterly sublime. The way these works talk to each other is like long lost friends who have just met by chance after decades. The conversation is animated, joyous, rich and deep.

Generously spread over thirteen exhibition spaces in the Beyeler’s Renzo Piano designed gallery, this exhibition suggests new avenues for serious art collectors to explore. The juxtapositions make both bodies of work resonate more strongly than either would on its own. This is an an aesthetic nuclear fusion, releasing tremendous energy. Go. See. Be awed and inspired.

© Photo Hughes Dubois, Brüssel – Paris

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    • Susi
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    • March 4, 2010

    Ernst Beyeler passed away on 25 February. There is a marvelous piece in the Art Newspaper commemorating this remarkable patron, collector, gallerist, museum creator, and founder of Art Basel. Here's the link.

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