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The Nature of Bali Fashion Week ’08

by Susi, 19 July 2008

Oka diPutra bookended by two of his fashion creations.

The theme of this year’s Bali Fashion Week is “Fashion Meets Nature.”  I’m not sure what that means in style terms, but be there from 24 to 30 August and find out for yourself. Perhaps bamboo bikinis and pineapple fiber Carmen Miranda tango dresses? Who knows. Anyhow, this is an ideal opportunity to get a fashion foot in the door for the major world fashion weeks that Indonesian designers are sure to invade in years ahead. Make friends now and get a catwalk-side seat in 2012 for the best Indo-designers’ shows in Paris and Milano.

I expect that my favourite Bali designer and dear friend, Oka diPutra will pull a rabbit out of a hat for “Fashion Meets Nature” and do something brilliant. His clients, like Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon certainly would expect no less. Oka’s clothes are wearable, gorgeous, shockingly affordable, and the cuts are both radical and flattering. I wore Oka to the opening of the new DeYoung Museum in San Francisco and had the likes of Dede Wilsey and all the other SF Social Diary types drooling over my couture. That’s the truth. (Aside: The only input I would have for Oka is to spend more on fabric.)

Bali Fashion Week: Be There (as if anyone needs an excuse to be in Bali in August). The organizer of this always-too-impromptu fashion week, Ika Butoni is a legend of Asia couture and deserves every accolade and more. Google-Image her and see for yourself.

Images above from Oka diPutra, and centre image is Oka.

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