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Chris Lehrecke Furniture : It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

by Susi, 20 July 2008

Chris Lehrecke and one of his works, screenshoots from

Almost roshi-like in his clarity, acuity, devotion and low profile, Chris Lehrecke is a modern furniture master whose studio in upstate New York recalls Shaker values in its robust simplicity. Yet Shaker furniture his is not. The simplicity is there, and the earnest sobriety. Yet here is a collection that teaches us that what others might call asceticism is in fact abundance. Aesthetic discipline and adherence to one’s principles is not in fact self-restraint, it’s liberation. This furniture is strong, sculptural, primitive, modern, brut, and refined at the same time. And the proportions are perfect, which is something that cannot be taught. You have it or you don’t. Click. Look. Read. Learn. Buy.

 It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Don’t miss Chris’ exhibition at Ralph Pucci‘s showroom in New York, opening to the public on 23 October.

Screenshot detail from the site of Christ Lehrecke.

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