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Bali Commercial Photog with Technical Saavy

by Susi, 22 July 2008

L\'heur bleu and Imp is at work . . .

I keep coming across the work of a particular Indonesian photographer, Imp Winartho. His Ubud royal cremation photos are among the most dramatic and technically perfect out there. Frankly, I don’t know how he managed to process his raw files and perfect his finished work so quickly, as his images were posted almost before the cremation pyre cooled off. This gives me the impression that Imp is a die-hard, serious, professional photographer, and a browse through his site and his flickr photostream confirms this. This man was apparently born with a camera in his hands.

Imp gets plenty of interesting jobs. Glamourous weddings, fab luxury villas, and his stock is an editor’s dream. He photographed Pantai Lima, the villa complex where we attended a sneak preview event last week. His pix of the party (and the flower balls in the pool) are great.


Simon Marks, an extraordinary thespian-costume-designer-textile-creator was involved with the creation of said flower balls and reports that his English public school geometry lessons failed to prepare him for calculating how many frangiapani blossoms it takes to cover a sphere of a particular diameter. He advises to add 10 percent to your 4 pi r squared. When Simon visited me today he revealed that the spheres were carved from solid blocks of polystyrene onto which the blossoms were then affixed with dressmaker’s pins. So do try this at home.


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